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  1. Modules, Not Microservices

    posted on Tue Jan 03 12:35:03 UTC 2023 by PretzelFisch | view on HN

    Microservices are designed to process data in small batches as it arrives, which makes it possible to process data in real time. They improve scalability. Because each microservice can be deployed independently, they can be scaled independently as well. They improve availability. Microservices can be deployed across multiple servers, which improves availability and resilience. They improve resilience. When a microservice fails, it can be restarted without affecting the rest of the system. They improve security. Microservices can be deployed

  2. Please write a breaking news article about a leaf falling from a tree

    posted on Tue Jan 03 14:21:53 UTC 2023 by quaintdev | view on HN

    In a shocking turn of events, a leaf has fallen from a tree in a local park, causing a stir in the community.

  3. 10x C++ Editor

    posted on Tue Jan 03 14:33:08 UTC 2023 by davikr | view on HN

    The 10x editor is a high performance C++ editor designed to be instant in every operation, from opening projects to searching for text.

  4. Bertrand Meyer et al.: The concept of class invariant in OO programming

    posted on Tue Jan 03 15:35:33 UTC 2023 by PaulHoule | view on HN

  5. LearnCPP: Website devoted to teaching you how to program in C++

    posted on Tue Jan 03 10:13:40 UTC 2023 by signa11 | view on HN

    The article discusses how cookies are used to store and access information on a device, as well as how data is used for personalized ads and content.

  6. Tell HN: GitHub is partially blocked in India

    posted on Tue Jan 03 14:15:37 UTC 2023 by captn3m0 | view on HN

  7. Some Remarks on Large Language Models

    posted on Tue Jan 03 15:54:22 UTC 2023 by backpropaganda | view on HN

    The article is about how large language models are not able to solve natural language understanding, despite being able to complete any text prefix.

  8. Detangle: tl;dr your legal docs with AI

    posted on Tue Jan 03 15:39:03 UTC 2023 by Shpigford | view on HN

    This article is a legal disclaimer informing readers that the summaries on the Detangle website are not legal advice and are not legally binding.

  9. Update: Stripe is holding over $400k of mine with no explanation [resolved]

    posted on Tue Jan 03 15:52:43 UTC 2023 by eeemmmooo | view on HN

  10. Show HN: Sierra, a DSL for building Java Swing applications

    posted on Sun Jan 01 20:40:00 UTC 2023 by gk_brown | view on HN

    Sierra is an open-source framework for simplifying development of Java Swing applications that provides a convenient DSL for declaratively constructing Swing component hierarchies.

  11. My Youtube earnings

    posted on Mon Jan 02 23:25:30 UTC 2023 by tpmx | view on HN

    The article discusses the earnings of a Lego YouTube channel and how the channel has been successful.

  12. The infrastructure behind ATMs

    posted on Mon Jan 02 17:57:14 UTC 2023 by mfiguiere | view on HN

    The article discusses how automated teller machines (ATMs) work and how they have changed over time.

  13. Xerox’s influence on Steve Jobs and Bill Gates (2018) [video]

    posted on Mon Jan 02 13:30:00 UTC 2023 by thunderbong | view on HN

  14. x86 is Turing-complete with no registers

    posted on Tue Jan 03 16:22:38 UTC 2023 by todsacerdoti | view on HN

    The article discusses how, despite the fiendish complexity of the x86 instruction set, it is still Turing complete with no registers.

  15. Shopify Tells Employees to Just Say No to Meetings

    posted on Tue Jan 03 13:04:39 UTC 2023 by ilamont | view on HN

    The article discusses how the author's computer network was detected as having unusual activity.

  16. Disagreeable personalities do not have an advantage in power at work (2020)

    posted on Sun Jan 01 21:25:49 UTC 2023 by davidgerard | view on HN

    The article discusses a study that found that people who are disagreeable do not necessarily attain more power than those who are not.

  17. 26 programming languages in 25 days, Part 2: Reflections on language design

    posted on Tue Jan 03 05:37:17 UTC 2023 by matt_d | view on HN

    The author enjoyed using Common Lisp and Racket (despite having never used Common Lisp previously), and indentation-sensitivity in languages like Python and Haskell had him writing cleaner-looking and more readable code by default.

  18. Offensive Nim

    posted on Sun Jan 01 20:57:52 UTC 2023 by weitzj | view on HN

    The article discusses the various features of the Nim programming language that make it well-suited for writing malware, as well as some of the potential pitfalls associated with using Nim for this purpose.

  19. Watching a “language” develop when kids can’t speak to each other (2019)

    posted on Fri Dec 30 21:27:38 UTC 2022 by ColinWright | view on HN

    The article discusses how children are capable of communicating with each other even when they can't rely on language, and how their communication quickly develops some of the core properties that define language.

  20. Start a fucking blog

    posted on Tue Jan 03 13:41:25 UTC 2023 by xyzal | view on HN

    The article is about how posting links to your blog on social media is a good way to get traffic to your blog without feeding into Elon Musk's algorithm.

  21. PDP-11/Hack (2014)

    posted on Tue Jan 03 08:08:57 UTC 2023 by dcminter | view on HN

    The article is about how to find a UART for the ODT, and the 6402 is the best option.

  22. In 2022, Web3 went just great

    posted on Tue Jan 03 14:25:55 UTC 2023 by rpgbr | view on HN

    The article is about how the author thinks that the year 2022 was a year full of major collapses in the cryptocurrency world, and that this is reflected in the new grift leaderboard.

  23. Legal Use of Hallucinogenic Mushrooms Begins in Oregon

    posted on Tue Jan 03 14:28:37 UTC 2023 by pseudolus | view on HN

    The certification programs are open to anyone with a high school diploma who has passed a background check, but the Fluence program largely chose applicants with previous experience in the field of mental health — social workers, hospice nurses and psychiatrists.

  24. Bach to the Future – Humanising Music with Neural Nets

    posted on Tue Jan 03 10:39:23 UTC 2023 by ash | view on HN

    Chilicorn Records is an in-house record label for Futuriceans who are interested in music to once a year create a song for the annual Chilicorn Records compilation, which we then release and open source.

  25. Once an open sewer, New York Harbor now teems with life

    posted on Sun Jan 01 18:26:09 UTC 2023 by Amorymeltzer | view on HN

    The article discusses how the Clean Water Act, passed 50 years ago, has transformed the Hudson River from a polluted mess to a much cleaner and healthier waterway, and how similar results have been seen across the country.

  26. Ashby (YC W19) is hiring product and design engineers

    posted on Tue Jan 03 07:01:13 UTC 2023 by abhikp | view on HN

    The article discusses the importance of joining a team that is dedicated to doing their best work every day.

  27. First LNG tanker arrives at Germany's new floating terminal

    posted on Tue Jan 03 12:34:12 UTC 2023 by rntn | view on HN

    The article discusses the Maria Energy vessel carrying a shipment of LNG from the US to the newly constructed floating terminal at the north German port of Wilhelmshaven.

  28. The insane biology of the dragonfly (2021) [video]

    posted on Mon Jan 02 01:42:49 UTC 2023 by zeristor | view on HN

  29. Coding on a 1980s business minicomputer [video]

    posted on Sun Jan 01 22:02:46 UTC 2023 by xupybd | view on HN

  30. Ask HN: Alternatives to Scratch for a blind child?

    posted on Tue Jan 03 09:16:39 UTC 2023 by nathell | view on HN