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  1. Ask HN: Who is hiring? (December 2022)

    posted on Thu Dec 01 16:00:59 UTC 2022 by whoishiring | view on HN

  2. Extism: Make all software programmable with WebAssembly

    posted on Thu Dec 01 13:53:04 UTC 2022 by nilslice | view on HN

    Extism is a universal plug-in system that enables software end-users to dream up new capabilities and functionality of a program, which the original authors couldn't foresee, or didn't want to add to the core of a product.

  3. Human Chess is a chess variant where playing the top engine move is forbidden

    posted on Thu Dec 01 10:49:06 UTC 2022 by bopjesvla | view on HN

    The article discusses how, in chess, players should not aim for checkmate as it is always the top engine move.

  4. Hijacking infrared to make a dumb device smart

    posted on Thu Dec 01 13:18:50 UTC 2022 by kennedn | view on HN

    The article discusses how to build an HTTP server using the C SDK for the Pico W, by looking at how a standard HTTP PUT request is formatted and sending a JSON response.

  5. TSMC to make 4nm chips in Arizona for Apple, AMD, Nvidia

    posted on Thu Dec 01 08:59:36 UTC 2022 by ZinedineF | view on HN

    TSMC is building a new chip factory in Arizona that will produce 4nm chips instead of the originally planned 5nm chips.

  6. Keyboard Latency

    posted on Thu Dec 01 15:35:12 UTC 2022 by warrenm | view on HN

    The article discusses latency in keyboards and how it has changed over the past few years. It also talks about how noticeable the latency is to users and whether or not gaming keyboards are faster than other keyboards.

  7. Launch HN: JumpWire (YC W22) – Easily encrypt customer data in your databases

    posted on Thu Dec 01 16:08:20 UTC 2022 by hexedpackets | view on HN

  8. Isometric Pixel Art

    posted on Thu Dec 01 10:37:06 UTC 2022 by tosh | view on HN

    The article is a tutorial on how to make iso tiles.

  9. Show HN: Natural Language Processing Demystified

    posted on Thu Dec 01 12:00:01 UTC 2022 by mothcamp | view on HN

  10. Sperm counts worldwide are plummeting faster than we thought

    posted on Thu Dec 01 14:45:25 UTC 2022 by Brajeshwar | view on HN

    The study found that sperm counts have fallen by 62% and the rate of decline is doubling, raising fears of a looming global fertility crisis.

  11. Mozilla Have Acquired Pulse

    posted on Thu Dec 01 15:57:59 UTC 2022 by HieronymusBosch | view on HN

    Mozilla has acquired Pulse, a team of machine learning experts, in order to improve the digital workplace and personalize experiences across Mozilla products.

  12. Hi, Hello, I’m Back at It

    posted on Thu Dec 01 14:16:34 UTC 2022 by gabrielsroka | view on HN

    The author is resuming posting on their website after a 7 month break and is sharing that they are still dealing with some chronic pain that may affect their output.

  13. Statistical vs. Deep Learning forecasting methods

    posted on Thu Dec 01 16:29:25 UTC 2022 by maxmc | view on HN

    The deep learning ensemble from the paper outperforms a simple statistical ensemble by 0.36 points in SMAPE, but the DL ensemble takes more than 14 days to run and costs around USD 11,000, while the statistical ensemble takes 6 minutes to run and costs $0.5c.

  14. Recoll – Full-text search for your desktop

    posted on Thu Dec 01 13:35:49 UTC 2022 by nanna | view on HN

  15. The Women Behind Eniac

    posted on Wed Nov 30 15:44:29 UTC 2022 by rbanffy | view on HN

    The article tells the story of the six women who programmed the world's first modern computer, the ENIAC, which was invented in 1945.

  16. Firezone (YC W22) is hiring engineers to work on open-source network security

    posted on Thu Dec 01 12:00:50 UTC 2022 by jasong | view on HN

    The article is looking for a founding engineer to help make foundational technology decisions and mentor a growing team.

  17. Consider Disabling Browser Push Notifications on Family and Friends Devices

    posted on Thu Dec 01 10:36:58 UTC 2022 by lloydatkinson | view on HN

    The article discusses how browser push notifications have become a popular attack vector for scammers since browsers introduced the mechanism in 2015, and explains how to disable them.

  18. In some instances the fetus helps repair a ruptured amniotic sac

    posted on Wed Nov 30 15:46:54 UTC 2022 by gmays | view on HN

    The article discusses a study of the amnion, the innermost layer of epithelial cells in the amniotic sac, which revealed a cascade of cellular events that result in sac repair.

  19. The Legacy of the Brazilian Artistic Visionary Hélio Oiticica (2017)

    posted on Thu Dec 01 03:52:46 UTC 2022 by apollinaire | view on HN

    The Art Institute of Chicago is currently hosting the artist retrospective of Hélio Oiticica, a Brazilian artist who created many participatory works that were revolutionary for their time.

  20. Ask HN: Freelancer? Seeking freelancer? (December 2022)

    posted on Thu Dec 01 16:00:59 UTC 2022 by whoishiring | view on HN

  21. Show HN: I made a 2D shoot 'em up game with Go, using Entity Component System

    posted on Thu Dec 01 11:29:21 UTC 2022 by m110 | view on HN

    This game was created in one month for GitHub GameOff, and contains two levels. It uses the ECS architecture provided by donburi, with parts of airplanes ported to donburi as features.

  22. Google Is Done

    posted on Thu Dec 01 15:38:46 UTC 2022 by xezzed | view on HN

    The article is about how to enable JavaScript in order to use

  23. A Vim Guide for Advanced Users

    posted on Thu Dec 01 02:48:29 UTC 2022 by behnamoh | view on HN

    This article is the third in a series aimed at helping the reader use Vim to unleash a power never seen on Earth.

  24. NixOS 22.11 “Raccoon”

    posted on Thu Dec 01 11:52:34 UTC 2022 by iopq | view on HN

    The NixOS 22.05 "Quokka" release is now available, with 1611 contributors in 46727 commits. This release brings nix 2.8 as the default nix package, and introduces the flakes experimental feature. A graphical installer based on Calamares is now provided.

  25. Experiment with Penrose Tilings and other patterns

    posted on Thu Dec 01 16:38:22 UTC 2022 by bibanez | view on HN

  26. Inkbase: Programmable Ink

    posted on Wed Nov 30 11:55:54 UTC 2022 by infinite8s | view on HN

    The article discusses how spreadsheets are a successful example of end-user programming, and how they give users access to computational power while maintaining flexibility.

  27. Surely you're publishing, Mr. Feynman

    posted on Thu Dec 01 05:53:45 UTC 2022 by pkoird | view on HN

    The article discusses how the culture of academia encourages academics to produce results that can be published in good journals and/or conferences, which often leads to inflation of marginal results or engagement in dubious practices.

  28. The enigma of Richard Schultes, Amazonian hallucinogens, and ethnobotany (2020)

    posted on Wed Nov 30 21:51:11 UTC 2022 by drdee | view on HN

  29. Text to Diagram Tools

    posted on Thu Dec 01 16:28:29 UTC 2022 by laithshadeed | view on HN

    The article demonstrates how to create a basic diagram with boxes and labels and how to connect them. It also demonstrates how to use shorthand ID substitution, if it exists in the syntax.

  30. Hungary used citizens’ Covid data to help the ruling party

    posted on Thu Dec 01 10:01:34 UTC 2022 by pseudolus | view on HN

    The article discusses how the ruling party in Hungary, Fidesz, may have used state databases to send campaign messages to voters during the country's general election campaign, violating both Hungarian and European laws on data privacy.