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  1. Never trust a system that seems to be working

    posted on Mon Oct 17 14:10:31 UTC 2022 by pkilgore | view on HN

    The article is about how to enable JavaScript in order to use

  2. The sarcastic fringehead's broad-mouthed display is reserved for fighting

    posted on Sun Oct 16 01:42:54 UTC 2022 by Petiver | view on HN

    The article is about the sarcastic fringehead fish, which is named for its frills and its propensity to lash out. The fish is known to display an outlandish mouth display during fights, which the article's author says is likely for the purpose of fending off other fish rather than for courtship or fighting other species.

  3. American Airlines trying to block app that is a must-have for flight attendants

    posted on Mon Oct 17 14:29:35 UTC 2022 by josephcsible | view on HN

    The article discusses how American Airlines is using sophisticated 'bot detection' software to stop the developer of an iPhone app that has become popular amongst the airline’s flight attendants from accessing vital data that is needed to keep the app working.

  4. WhatsApp is more secure than iMessage: Mark Zuckerberg

    posted on Mon Oct 17 15:51:47 UTC 2022 by amrrs | view on HN

  5. Codeberg a GitHub Alternative from Europe

    posted on Mon Oct 17 13:43:31 UTC 2022 by rukshn | view on HN

    The article discusses the author's recent migration from Notion to Obsidian and how they are using Codeberg, a privacy-friendly GitHub alternative based in Europe, to host their notes.

  6. Nvidia’s Implicit Warping is a potentially powerful deepfake technique

    posted on Mon Oct 17 11:35:04 UTC 2022 by Hard_Space | view on HN

    The article discusses a new system called Implicit Warping that enables users to produce far more coherent and longer video simulations and full-body deepfake footage than any of the frameworks that the system has been trialed against.

  7. Stablecoin Mechanics 2: We found the Tether-Celsius loans

    posted on Mon Oct 17 14:24:10 UTC 2022 by janandonly | view on HN

    The article discusses how the author was able to use on-chain analysis to follow the flow of funds between Tether and Celsius, and how this provides insight into the business dealings of both companies.

  8. Former FBI director said blockchain is easier to trace than paper money

    posted on Mon Oct 17 13:07:27 UTC 2022 by threelinepitch | view on HN

    The article discusses a statement made by former FBI Director James Comey about the traceability of blockchain compared to paper money.

  9. How and Tailscale Saved Notado

    posted on Mon Oct 17 15:37:10 UTC 2022 by bsnnkv | view on HN

    Notado was originally run on a Digital Ocean Kubernetes cluster, but was recently migrated to a microVM on Notado is a content-first bookmarking service that allows users to save highlights from an article and analytical comments on the same article together in one place. The service is ending its free open beta and introducing subscriptions for Notado in 2023 at $5.99/month.

  10. On Bypassing eBPF Security Monitoring

    posted on Mon Oct 17 16:00:35 UTC 2022 by phosphore | view on HN

    There are many security solutions available today that rely on the Extended Berkeley Packet Filter (eBPF) features of the Linux kernel to monitor kernel functions. Such a paradigm shift in the latest monitoring technologies is being driven by a variety of reasons. Some of them are motivated by performance needs in an increasingly cloud-dominated world, among others.

  11. Being on a Board as an Employee

    posted on Mon Oct 17 15:28:20 UTC 2022 by mooreds | view on HN

    The article is about the author's experience as the first employee board member of Honeycomb, a venture-backed software company, and reflections on what a board is and what it does.

  12. Irmin in the Browser (OCaml/MirageOS)

    posted on Mon Oct 17 16:25:32 UTC 2022 by professor-rose | view on HN

    The article discusses the author's experience working on porting Irmin to work in the browser, including designing interfaces for people to interact with the store.

  13. Cat9: A command-line shell written in Lua

    posted on Mon Oct 17 12:28:56 UTC 2022 by HieronymusBosch | view on HN

    Cat9 is a user shell script for LASH - a command-line shell that discriminates against terminal emulators, written in Lua.

  14. The Geometry Junkyard

    posted on Mon Oct 17 16:30:36 UTC 2022 by Corun | view on HN

    The article contains a collection of links to resources related to discrete and computational geometry.

  15. Koch Method to Learn Morse

    posted on Mon Oct 17 08:54:16 UTC 2022 by Tomte | view on HN

    The Koch method is based on exposing the student to full-speed Morse from day one, with just two characters. The student must "copy" them (i.e. writing them down or typing them, like in this page). Once 90% of the characters are correctly "copied", the student can go move to the next lesson, where just one more character is added.

  16. BuildZoom (better way to build custom homes) Is hiring a Product Manager

    posted on Mon Oct 17 12:02:08 UTC 2022 by the_economist | view on HN

  17. The Z80's protected mode discovered after 40 years [video]

    posted on Mon Oct 17 03:20:37 UTC 2022 by tux1968 | view on HN

  18. Arecibo telescope won’t be rebuilt

    posted on Mon Oct 17 11:58:13 UTC 2022 by pseudolus | view on HN

    The NSF has announced that it will not be rebuild the world-famous radio telescope at Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico, which collapsed two years ago, but will instead establish an educational centre for science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) at the site.

  19. OpenBSD Minimalist Desktop

    posted on Mon Oct 17 11:10:44 UTC 2022 by hucste | view on HN

    OpenBSD has a login class capability database that is configured in login.conf(5) which allows fine-tuning of resources for users and processes.

  20. How to build software like an SRE

    posted on Mon Oct 17 06:36:32 UTC 2022 by kiyanwang | view on HN

    This article is a list of tips for building reliable software systems.

  21. Yagni Exceptions (2021)

    posted on Mon Oct 17 06:03:48 UTC 2022 by bubblehack3r | view on HN

    The article is about the principle of "You Aren't Gonna Need It" and how there are some things which are easier to do earlier than later.

  22. New study suggests people with dark personalities weaponize victimhood (2021)

    posted on Mon Oct 17 13:27:53 UTC 2022 by doener | view on HN

    The study found that people with dark personalities use signals of virtuous victimhood to deceptively extract resources from others.

  23. PAGNIs: Probably Are Gonna Need Its (2021)

    posted on Mon Oct 17 09:18:05 UTC 2022 by thunderbong | view on HN

    Luke Page has a post with a list of YAGNI exceptions, which are things that you should add even if you don't think you need it because the cost of adding it later is so dramatically expensive.

  24. The dry-season malaria paradox, a bar to eradication, is solved

    posted on Mon Oct 17 02:22:38 UTC 2022 by sohkamyung | view on HN

    The article discusses how researchers have found that mosquitoes in Africa who transmit malaria have short lifespans and how they believe the mosquitoes go into a state of torpor to survive the dry season.

  25. Boeing 787s must be rebooted every 51 days to prevent 'misleading data' (2020)

    posted on Mon Oct 17 14:19:14 UTC 2022 by taubek | view on HN

  26. Shumai: Fast Differentiable Tensor Library in TypeScript with Bun and Flashlight

    posted on Mon Oct 17 16:18:21 UTC 2022 by brrrrrm | view on HN

    The article describes a fast differentiable tensor library for research in TypeScript and JavaScript that is built with bun + flashlight.

  27. More U.S. companies charging employees for job training if they quit

    posted on Mon Oct 17 11:51:19 UTC 2022 by pseudolus | view on HN

    The article is about how some companies charge employees who quit large sums of money for training, which is called Training Repayment Agreement Provisions (TRAPs), and how this practice is being scrutinized by U.S. regulators and lawmakers.

  28. Many Researchers Using Same Data and Hypothesis Reveals Universe of Uncertainty

    posted on Mon Oct 17 10:31:58 UTC 2022 by Ambolia | view on HN

    The article is discussing how to enable JavaScript in order to have full functionality on the site.

  29. Kanye West is buying Parler

    posted on Mon Oct 17 10:06:29 UTC 2022 by michaelgrosner2 | view on HN

    The article discusses how Parler, a social media platform that emphasizes free speech, has been accused of helping rioters plan and coordinate the storming of the Capitol building that took place on January 6th, 2021. As a result of the riots, both Google and Apple removed Parler from their respective app stores and Amazon kicked Parler off its web hosting service.

  30. Test smarter, not harder (2020)

    posted on Mon Oct 17 09:49:48 UTC 2022 by bubblehack3r | view on HN

    The article argues that "smarter, not harder" is a better mindset for writing automated software tests, because if tests are too painful to write, it indicates that something is wrong.