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  1. What can we learn from leaked Insyde's BIOS for Intel Alder Lake

    posted on Sat Oct 08 15:00:08 UTC 2022 by hardenedvault | view on HN

    An unidentified user uploaded the Insyde's partial firmware solution (4.8GB) for Intel Alder Lake platform, which contains Intel reference implementation, OEM implementation, IBV solution, and related documentation on September 30, 2022, which was then deleted on October 8, 2022.

  2. I Listened to 1000 B2B SaaS Sales Calls

    posted on Sat Oct 08 15:11:29 UTC 2022 by asyncscrum | view on HN

  3. Algebraic Geometry for Computer Graphics - Jim Blinn

    posted on Sat Oct 08 15:57:16 UTC 2022 by bmer | view on HN

    This article is about a seminar on Algebraic Geometry and how it relates to computer graphics.

  4. Aer Lingus seeks compensation for data center chaos that cancelled flights

    posted on Sat Oct 08 15:23:13 UTC 2022 by belter | view on HN

  5. Mercenaries Were More Common in Greek Warfare Than Ancient Historians Let On

    posted on Fri Oct 07 05:03:51 UTC 2022 by diodorus | view on HN

    In 480 B.C.E., Greek and Carthaginian soldiers clashed outside of Himera, an ancient Greek city in Sicily, and in 409 B.C.E., the Carthaginian invaders came back to Himera, leaving the colony in ruins. New research adds to the growing body of evidence that Greek armies relied more heavily on foreign mercenaries than ancient historians let on.

  6. Show HN: I developed an app that creates interactive product demos in minutes

    posted on Sat Oct 08 15:41:58 UTC 2022 by koushikmarka90 | view on HN

    The article is about the Supademo product, which is a tool that helps you create interactive product demos.

  7. Show HN: Garnix, fast and easy CI for Nix

    posted on Sat Oct 08 11:35:28 UTC 2022 by jkarni | view on HN

  8. ThinkPad’s 30th Anniversary: An Insider’s Perspective

    posted on Thu Oct 06 06:40:03 UTC 2022 by ingve | view on HN

    The article is about the author's experience working with IBM on the development of their laptop design, specifically the ThinkPad model.

  9. The Thorny Problem of Keeping the Internet's Time

    posted on Sat Oct 08 10:28:43 UTC 2022 by mitchbob | view on HN

    The article is about David Mills and his work on the Network Time Protocol (NTP) which helped to create a lingua franca for disparate devices and eventually became a key component of the Internet.

  10. You Hated Your Cable Package. Your Streaming Services Are Bringing It Back

    posted on Sat Oct 08 15:40:54 UTC 2022 by collegeburner | view on HN

    The article discusses how people are using streaming services to bring back the cable packages they once had.

  11. The struggles of building a feed reader

    posted on Fri Oct 07 11:01:39 UTC 2022 by Jackevansevo | view on HN

    The article discusses the various challenges faced when building a feedreader, including the different standards to subscribe to, the lack of consistency between them, and the difficulty of writing a parser for them from scratch.

  12. WebAssembly Is Not A Stack Machine

    posted on Wed Oct 05 11:16:51 UTC 2022 by optimalsolver | view on HN

    This article is part 1 of a 4-part miniseries on issues with WebAssembly and proposals to fix them.

  13. The Alternative Genesis Block of Bitcoin

    posted on Sat Oct 08 08:04:16 UTC 2022 by crecker | view on HN

    In this article, the author attempts to explain the early source code of Bitcoin and make correlations with the source code currently in use.

  14. How to tell a mainframe from a minicomputer from a micro

    posted on Fri Oct 07 10:03:30 UTC 2022 by todsacerdoti | view on HN

    The article is discussing how CAPTCHAs are being used more frequently to validate requests.

  15. How Ray Tracing works and how to do it faster [video]

    posted on Sat Oct 08 00:07:20 UTC 2022 by nikolay | view on HN

  16. Calif. Law to Protect Children's Privacy Could Lead to Invasive Age Verification

    posted on Sat Oct 08 13:27:25 UTC 2022 by pseudolus | view on HN

    The California Age-Appropriate Design Code Act was signed last month by California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D). The law requires that online businesses create robust privacy protections for users under 18, but critics of the law have raised concerns about its vague language.

  17. Arbitrary Lines: The way restrctive zoning costs all of us

    posted on Sat Oct 08 15:32:20 UTC 2022 by jseliger | view on HN

  18. Show HN: Maiao, Stacked Diffs for GitHub

    posted on Sat Oct 08 12:25:59 UTC 2022 by joaoqalves | view on HN

    The article discusses how Maiao encourages you to create small, self-contained pull requests by committing each change sequentially and running the command to create a PR for each commit.

  19. Updated PayPal Acceptable Use Policy [pdf]

    posted on Sat Oct 08 15:47:49 UTC 2022 by possiblydrunk | view on HN

  20. Computer Saturation and the Productivity Slowdown

    posted on Thu Oct 06 11:30:24 UTC 2022 by Bostonian | view on HN

    The article discusses how the decline in productivity growth in the US and other OECD countries may be due to the saturation of electronics in other industries.

  21. Intel, SiFive Demo High-Performance RISC-V on Intel 4

    posted on Sat Oct 08 02:42:42 UTC 2022 by ac29 | view on HN

    The article discusses Intel's Horse Creek Platform, a partnership with SiFive for the development of a new high-performance RISC-V development system, and the IFS Accelerator ecosystem alliance designed to help accelerate chip prototyping and tape-outs through deep collaboration with various semiconductor partners across EDA, IPs, and design services.

  22. A Discussion on Printk()

    posted on Sat Oct 08 12:43:40 UTC 2022 by signa11 | view on HN

    The article discusses the various efforts to improve the kernel's print function and the recent discussion at the Linux Plumbers Conference about a new solution that may finally clean things up.

  23. Ask HN: How to deal with markets down turn? Feeling down

    posted on Sat Oct 08 11:44:39 UTC 2022 by dev_0 | view on HN

  24. Ask HN: Best book to learn C in 2022?

    posted on Sat Oct 08 07:37:00 UTC 2022 by CodeSgt | view on HN

  25. Ashby (YC W19) Is Hiring Engineers to Take Ideas from Research to Implementation

    posted on Sat Oct 08 07:03:04 UTC 2022 by abhikp | view on HN

    The article discusses the benefits of joining a team that is committed to doing its best work every day.

  26. On “correct and efficient work-stealing for weak memory models”

    posted on Mon Oct 03 09:19:17 UTC 2022 by ingve | view on HN

    This is a quick post inspired by Rust as a Language for High Performance GC Implementation by Yi Lin et al, which updates the Chase-Lev work-stealing double-ended queue (deque) from big-hammer sequential-consistency operations to an appropriate mix of C11 relaxed, acquire/release, and sequentially-consistent operations, with a C11 translation of the original algorithm, and a proof of correctness.

  27. My channel is now demonetized because I cover the war [video]

    posted on Sat Oct 08 12:28:54 UTC 2022 by tomohawk | view on HN

  28. With seemingly endless data storage, people are 'digital hoarding'

    posted on Sat Oct 08 15:58:49 UTC 2022 by Brajeshwar | view on HN

    The article discusses the rising phenomenon of digital hoarding, defined as the need to acquire and hold onto digital content without an intended purpose, which can quickly spiral out of control.

  29. The world’s largest camera is nearly complete

    posted on Thu Oct 06 10:45:21 UTC 2022 by giuliomagnifico | view on HN

    The world’s largest camera is being built by engineers at the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory in Menlo Park, Calif.

  30. Grad students at Northeastern pushed back against invasive digital surveillance

    posted on Sat Oct 08 13:37:02 UTC 2022 by ColinWright | view on HN

    The article is about how the students at Northeastern University's Cybersecurity and Privacy Institute successfully fought back against the installation of heat sensors throughout their building, which the university claimed was for a study on "desk usage."