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  1. School vs. Wikipedia

    posted on Fri Oct 07 15:33:00 UTC 2022 by ingve | view on HN

    The article discusses the various issues with Wikipedia and how they can be fixed.

  2. Mortal Kombat+

    posted on Fri Oct 07 14:49:04 UTC 2022 by wsc981 | view on HN

  3. Shutdown

    posted on Fri Oct 07 12:08:10 UTC 2022 by freosam | view on HN

    The article's author announces that they are shutting down their Mastodon instance, due to personal and technical problems.

  4. AWS doesn't make sense for scientific computing

    posted on Fri Oct 07 15:28:50 UTC 2022 by lebovic | view on HN

    The article argues that while it may be cheaper to build your own server infrastructure for scientific computing than to use a cloud computing service, scientific computing has different needs than web and mobile apps, so the pricing for cloud computing reflects the needs of the average app, not scientific computing.

  5. RacketCon 2022

    posted on Fri Oct 07 14:37:55 UTC 2022 by jessealama | view on HN

    This talk outlines a design-based curriculum for beginners that is based on video game development, which is effective in teaching important Computer Science concepts.

  6. Why Mastering Language Is So Difficult for AI

    posted on Fri Oct 07 16:43:12 UTC 2022 by TeacherTortoise | view on HN

    The field of artificial intelligence has been over-reliant on deep learning, which has inherent limitations, according to scientist, author, and entrepreneur Gary Marcus.

  7. Not Frequentist Enough

    posted on Thu Oct 06 21:35:40 UTC 2022 by luu | view on HN

    This article discusses the frequentist approach to statistics and how it can be used to avoid mistakes in applied statistics.

  8. Using Notion as a headless CMS for our blog

    posted on Fri Oct 07 14:14:33 UTC 2022 by mooreds | view on HN

    The article discusses using Notion as a headless CMS for the Data Narratives Blog.

  9. Gmail 2FA causes the homeless to permanently lose access 3 times a year

    posted on Fri Oct 07 12:51:09 UTC 2022 by horseAMcharlie | view on HN

    The article is about how to enable JavaScript in order to use

  10. Signal is secure, as proven by hackers

    posted on Fri Oct 07 13:27:36 UTC 2022 by cjg | view on HN

    The article discusses a recent hack of the Signal messaging app in which hackers were able to log in to victim's accounts from another device or find out that the owner of such and such phone number uses Signal. The attack only affected a tiny fraction of Signal's 40 million active users per month, but given that the app is used predominantly by those who care about the privacy of their correspondence, the incident still reverberated around the information security world.

  11. The AI Scaling Hypothesis

    posted on Fri Oct 07 16:29:04 UTC 2022 by andreyk | view on HN

    The article discusses the "AI Scaling Hypothesis" which is the idea that more computational resources and training data may be the best answer to achieving the AI field’s long term goals.

  12. Reality is just a game now

    posted on Fri Oct 07 11:23:18 UTC 2022 by 1sembiyan | view on HN

    The article discusses how Americans are now divided on important issues and how this level of division feels like something else.

  13. IBM swallows Red Hat storage products

    posted on Thu Oct 06 10:57:19 UTC 2022 by ingve | view on HN

    IBM is deepening its assimilation of Red Hat by adopting two of its open source storage products and moving some Red Hat staff to IBM, including Red Hat Ceph Storage, Red Hat OpenShift Data Foundation (ODF), Rook, and NooBaa.

  14. Longevity of Recordable CDs, DVDs and Blu-Rays (2020)

    posted on Fri Oct 07 05:39:48 UTC 2022 by parasti | view on HN

    The longevity of recordable compact discs (CD-Rs), recordable digital versatile discs (DVD±Rs) and recordable Blu-rays (BD-Rs) is uncertain, leading to a widespread lack of trust by libraries and archives.

  15. On AlphaTensor’s new matrix multiplication algorithms

    posted on Fri Oct 07 03:45:20 UTC 2022 by matt_d | view on HN

    The article discusses how DeepMind's new paper on fast matrix multiplication algorithm is misleading and how the algorithm is not meant for small-matrix library routines.

  16. Fractional (YC W21) Is Hiring Product Engineers

    posted on Fri Oct 07 12:01:06 UTC 2022 by carlostrevino | view on HN

    Fractional is a small team with deep experience in fintech, real estate, and SEC regulations backed by Fifth Wall, Left Lane, and Y Combinator that is building the best products they need to do their best work.

  17. Transmission 4.0.0 beta 1

    posted on Fri Oct 07 07:46:47 UTC 2022 by Torlan | view on HN

    The first beta release of Transmission 4.0.0 is now available and includes many changes, such as improved resource efficiency, code modernization, and new features.

  18. Managers with a business degree reduce employees' wages, do not increase profit

    posted on Fri Oct 07 10:34:26 UTC 2022 by jstx1 | view on HN

    The paper provides evidence that managers with a business degree reduce their employees' wages.

  19. Why Is The Guitar Tuned Like It Is?

    posted on Fri Oct 07 09:09:07 UTC 2022 by belter | view on HN

    The author argues that the standard tuning for a guitar is sensible because it covers more bases than other tunings.

  20. A Single Dewdrop: The Pleasures of “Satyajit Ray: Miscellany”

    posted on Tue Oct 04 19:24:58 UTC 2022 by Thevet | view on HN

    This new volume is part of an ongoing endeavor from Penguin Random House India to bring out his entire written oeuvre and it gathers Ray’s generous introductions to other people's works—such as books on film, photography, painting, translations, and LP liner notes—which indicate his reverence toward the exponents of these diverse art forms.

  21. Hacking Reolink cameras for fun and profit (2020)

    posted on Wed Oct 05 05:39:02 UTC 2022 by walterbell | view on HN

    The article discusses a man's journey of dissecting a Reolink B800 IP camera to demonstrate the various parts of an embedded Linux system, as well as pwn the camera, reverse engineer the protocol, and write his own software to get the video stream.

  22. Nocodb: Turns Any MySQL, Postgres, SQLite into a Spreadsheet with REST APIs

    posted on Tue Oct 04 11:16:18 UTC 2022 by thunderbong | view on HN

    This article tells you how to download and run NoDB, a program that turns any MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, SQLite & MariaDB into a smart-spreadsheet, on your computer.

  23. Ask HN: Have you noticed an increase in the number of Stripe Disputes lately?

    posted on Fri Oct 07 16:44:37 UTC 2022 by cellover | view on HN

  24. IBM Power10’s Memory Inception Clustering (2021)

    posted on Wed Oct 05 12:18:48 UTC 2022 by tony-allan | view on HN

    The article discusses IBM's new Power10 processor, which features "Memory Inception" which allows a core to access up to 2 PB of physical memory spread over the memory of multiple systems in IBM’s memory cluster.

  25. Ask HN: 10k hours rule to master anything. Could I switch career when I am 43?

    posted on Fri Oct 07 10:10:04 UTC 2022 by michaelcao | view on HN

  26. Moore’s Law is dead – Long live the chiplet

    posted on Thu Oct 06 04:59:30 UTC 2022 by chclau | view on HN

  27. Ask HN: Was it worth it for Go to add generics

    posted on Fri Oct 07 15:18:22 UTC 2022 by philosopher1234 | view on HN

  28. Apache Pegasus - A horizontally scalable, high-performance key-value store

    posted on Fri Oct 07 05:06:47 UTC 2022 by indogooner | view on HN

    The article discusses the features of Apache Pegasus, a distributed key-value storage system, and how to use it.

  29. The CD Turns 40: How the ‘Shiny, Tiny’ Discs Took Over

    posted on Wed Oct 05 13:05:10 UTC 2022 by wallflower | view on HN

    The article tells the story of how the CD was invented and introduced to the world, and how it changed the music industry.

  30. $570M worth of Binance’s BNB token stolen

    posted on Fri Oct 07 11:51:24 UTC 2022 by labarilem | view on HN

    In total, hackers drained 2 million BNB tokens — about $570 million at current prices — from the network, Binance's BNB Chain said in a blog post on Friday.