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  1. FCC to Remove Companies from Robocall Database for Non-Compliance [pdf]

    posted on Wed Oct 05 16:19:15 UTC 2022 by nobody9999 | view on HN

  2. Discovering faster matrix multiplication algorithms with reinforcement learning

    posted on Wed Oct 05 15:12:35 UTC 2022 by shantanu_sharma | view on HN

    The article discusses the game TensorGame, which is played by writing down three vectors (u, v, w) that specify the rank-1 tensor u  ⊗  v  ⊗  w, and subtracting the newly written down factor from the state of the game, which corresponds to the tensor \({\mathscr{T}}\) representing the bilinear operation of interest. The game ends when the state reaches the

  3. SpaceX exploring mission to boost Hubble

    posted on Wed Oct 05 16:00:18 UTC 2022 by tectonic | view on HN

    Planet's new hyperspectral constellation, Tanager, will help the recently launched non-profit Carbon Mapper spot large point-source emitters of methane and CO2.

  4. The Hugging Face Datasets Server is now open-source

    posted on Wed Oct 05 15:51:03 UTC 2022 by taubek | view on HN

    The Hugging Face Hub provides a datasets server that allows access to over 10,000 datasets via simple HTTP requests.

  5. Watchman: Execute a command when something changes

    posted on Wed Oct 05 12:50:44 UTC 2022 by ColinWright | view on HN

    Watchman is a tool that executes a command as things change in file(s)/directory(s).

  6. Notes Against Note-Taking Systems

    posted on Sat Oct 01 20:11:09 UTC 2022 by Tomte | view on HN

    The article argues that over-reliance on knowledge management systems can lead to a tradeoff where a person becomes more focused on presenting factual information than on creating original work.

  7. Cpm65: CP/M for the 6502

    posted on Wed Oct 05 12:41:26 UTC 2022 by ingve | view on HN

    This article is about the CP/M-65 project, which is a native port of Digital Research's seminal 1977 operating system CP/M to the 6502.

  8. Memories: Edinburgh ML to Standard ML

    posted on Wed Oct 05 14:57:47 UTC 2022 by todsacerdoti | view on HN

    (fn ~x => fn ~y => ...) would be more expressive than (fn x => fn y => ...) Standard ML was a tragic missed opportunity, it is sad that well into the 21st Century, Computer Science has so regressed that people no longer see the point of distinguishing between a programming language and its implementation.

  9. QR code images in macOS are silently executed in the background hours/days later

    posted on Wed Oct 05 15:09:10 UTC 2022 by robbiet480 | view on HN

    The article is about how to enable JavaScript in order to continue using

  10. Nix Team Creation

    posted on Wed Oct 05 16:22:12 UTC 2022 by slb | view on HN

    The Nix team is responsible for maintaining the Nix package manager, which includes deciding on changes, commit sufficient time, having the authority to make them happen, enabling contributors, ensuring capacity for reviewing PRs and addressing issues, defining and asserting quality criteria for contributions, keeping code healthy, documentation up to date, managing the release lifecycle, regularly publishing reports on work done, and engaging with third parties in the interest of the project.

  11. Show HN: Sharing, command-line tool to share files with your phone

    posted on Wed Oct 05 12:33:47 UTC 2022 by parvardegr | view on HN

  12. Kubernetes Hardening Guidance [pdf]

    posted on Wed Oct 05 15:33:46 UTC 2022 by cjg | view on HN

  13. CMSC 430: Design and Implementation of Programming Languages

    posted on Wed Oct 05 10:43:14 UTC 2022 by ingve | view on HN

    The goal of CMSC 430 is to design, implement, and extend a programming language. The course assumes familiarity with functional programming and some programming in C and Assembly.

  14. Nerfstudio: A collaboration friendly studio for NeRFs

    posted on Wed Oct 05 15:02:30 UTC 2022 by kennethfriedman | view on HN

    Nerfstudio is a library that allows for a simplified end-to-end process of creating, training, and visualizing NeRFs.

  15. Show HN: Kafka 0.8.0 on Cloudflare Workers

    posted on Wed Oct 05 12:42:45 UTC 2022 by maxwellpeterson | view on HN

    This project is a Kafka 0.8.0 broker implementation on top of Cloudflare Workers and Durable Objects that supports 4 client-facing APIs: Produce API (Version: 0) Fetch API (Version: 0) ListOffsets API (Version: 0) Metadata API (Version: 0).

  16. Castopod – Open-source podcast hosting platform

    posted on Wed Oct 05 06:11:49 UTC 2022 by ZacnyLos | view on HN

    The article discusses how IABv2 guidelines can help podcast creators get more insights into their episodes and how the data collected is anonymized and in compliance with GDPR, CCPA and LGPD laws.

  17. Espresso.js – minimal React alternative – is now a decade old

    posted on Wed Oct 05 12:34:58 UTC 2022 by akrymski | view on HN

    Espresso.js is a tiny MVC framework inspired by Backbone and React with a focus on simplicity and speed that aims to bring the ideas of unidirectional data flow of Flux to a simple, Backbone-style library.

  18. X64 Cheat Sheet (2019) [pdf]

    posted on Wed Oct 05 12:44:18 UTC 2022 by ingve | view on HN

  19. DocArray: a data structure for unstructured data

    posted on Sun Oct 02 17:19:45 UTC 2022 by jonbaer | view on HN

    The article discusses the differences between the Hugging Face datasets library and the DocArray library.

  20. macOS is background scanning and following downloaded QR codes?

    posted on Wed Oct 05 13:54:07 UTC 2022 by mik3y | view on HN

    The article is about how JavaScript is disabled in the browser and how to enable it.

  21. Incident with Actions and Codespaces

    posted on Wed Oct 05 13:48:45 UTC 2022 by saltymimir | view on HN

    The article discusses how to set up incident updates and webhooks.

  22. MineDojo – Building Open-Ended Embodied Agents with Internet-Scale Knowledge

    posted on Wed Oct 05 11:38:21 UTC 2022 by theblazehen | view on HN

    This article is a quick demo of how to run your first agent on MineDojo.

  23. Over 50% of CEOs say they’re considering cutting jobs over the next 6 months

    posted on Wed Oct 05 15:50:58 UTC 2022 by bluedino | view on HN

    The article discusses a survey of CEOs which found that 91% of them in the U.S. believe a recession will arrive in the coming 12 months, and that 51% are considering workforce reductions during the next six months.

  24. How I learned about corporate firewalls

    posted on Tue Oct 04 10:02:58 UTC 2022 by ValCanBuild | view on HN

    The article is about how the author realized that a user's payment wasn't going through, even though the form said it was, and how he fixed the problem.

  25. Open Letter to the WHOSTP and Subcommittee on Open Science

    posted on Sun Oct 02 03:37:40 UTC 2022 by nsoonhui | view on HN

    The article discusses the potential risks of the implementation of a policy that would require research to be published in venues where the ability to pay is not required for making the results immediately available.

  26. The Balto/Togo theory of scientific development

    posted on Wed Oct 05 08:33:21 UTC 2022 by rossvor | view on HN

    The article argues that although Alfred Wegener is often credited as the discoverer/inventor of continental drift and mentioned more prominently than any other scientist in discussions of plate tectonics, he is not as deserving of this credit as he is often given.

  27. Nobel Prize in Chemistry Awarded to Bertozzi, Meldal, and Sharpless

    posted on Wed Oct 05 09:48:25 UTC 2022 by solarist | view on HN

    The article is about the Nobel Prize announcements and how to follow them.

  28. Intel Laptop Users Should Avoid Linux 5.19.12 to Avoid Damaging the Display

    posted on Wed Oct 05 08:57:13 UTC 2022 by electricant | view on HN

  29. Advanced Scientific Data Format

    posted on Fri Sep 30 19:51:56 UTC 2022 by anigbrowl | view on HN

    The article discusses the features of the Advanced Scientific Data Format (ASDF), a next-generation interchange format for scientific data.

  30. US National Debt Tops $31T

    posted on Wed Oct 05 16:15:50 UTC 2022 by prostoalex | view on HN

    The article discusses how the Biden administration is walking a thin line on deficits and how critics of the administration's spending initiatives have warned that a reliance on low interest rates to justify expansionary policies could come back to bite the United States economy.