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  1. Artist matches influencer photos with surveillance footage

    posted on Sat Sep 24 13:39:01 UTC 2022 by pseudolus | view on HN

    The article is discussing the controversy around an art project that uses surveillance footage side by side with Instagram images.

  2. Want cleaner code? Use the rule of six

    posted on Sat Sep 24 14:39:58 UTC 2022 by da12 | view on HN

    The article discusses how to make code easier to read by writing shorter lines and using functions.

  3. GET3D: A Generative Model of High Quality 3D Textured Shapes Learned from Images

    posted on Sat Sep 24 13:49:33 UTC 2022 by lnyan | view on HN

    The article discusses the GET3D system for generating 3D textured meshes from 2D images, which is designed to be immediately usable in downstream applications such as 3D rendering engines.

  4. Vulhub: Pre-Built Vulnerable Environments Based on Docker-Compose

    posted on Sat Sep 24 15:33:05 UTC 2022 by nateb2022 | view on HN

    Vulhub is an open-source collection of pre-built vulnerable docker environments.

  5. Free Book: Linux IP Stacks Commentary Annotates TCP/IP Code

    posted on Sat Sep 24 16:40:39 UTC 2022 by ohjeez | view on HN

    The article discusses a book called Linux IP Stacks Commentary, which is a living publication that is designed to be updated as the Linux kernel is updated.

  6. Run SQL on CSV, Parquet, JSON, Arrow, Unix Pipes and Google Sheet

    posted on Sat Sep 24 15:59:03 UTC 2022 by houqp | view on HN

    The Columnq CLI is a simple command line interface to help you query tabular data with support for a rich set of growing formats and data sources.

  7. Breaking into English

    posted on Wed Sep 21 21:37:50 UTC 2022 by tintinnabula | view on HN

    The article discusses how the literary translation landscape has changed in the past 20 years, and how it continues to grow.

  8. Homemade Heat Pump Manifesto (2009)

    posted on Sat Sep 24 05:02:08 UTC 2022 by walterbell | view on HN

    The article is about a man who is attempting to build a ground source heat pump system on his own.

  9. Show HN: Jot: Rapid note management for the terminal, inspired by Obsidian

    posted on Sat Sep 24 13:42:07 UTC 2022 by araekiel | view on HN

    Jot is a feature-stripped version of Obsidian focused on rapid note management through the terminal, using the same format of storage as Obsidian.

  10. The Blood Collages of John Bingley Garland (Ca. 1850–60)

    posted on Thu Sep 22 14:53:59 UTC 2022 by lermontov | view on HN

    The article is about a man named Garland who made a collage called the Blood Book, which was made with techniques usually dated to Cubism in the early twentieth century.

  11. Pompeian Group Therapy

    posted on Thu Sep 22 02:37:05 UTC 2022 by Caiero | view on HN

    The article is about Nigidius Figulus, a significant figure in Roman political and intellectual life, and his predictions for the future of Rome.

  12. VToonify: Controllable High-Resolution Portrait Video Style Transfer

    posted on Sat Sep 24 13:52:54 UTC 2022 by lnyan | view on HN

    The article discusses a new framework, VToonify, for controllable high-resolution portrait video style transfer that overcomes limitations of existing methods.

  13. MicroVAX 78032

    posted on Sat Sep 24 13:41:24 UTC 2022 by amacbride | view on HN

    The MicroVAX 78032 (otherwise known as the DC333) is a microprocessor developed and fabricated by Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) that implemented a subset of the VAX instruction set architecture (ISA). The 78032 was used exclusively in DEC's VAX-based systems, starting with the MicroVAX II in 1985. When clocked at a frequency of 5 MHz, the 78032's integer performance is comparable to the original VAX-11/780 of 1977.

  14. Aging programmer

    posted on Sat Sep 24 12:35:22 UTC 2022 by nomdep | view on HN

    The article is about a programmer's reflections on their career and how they have changed over time.

  15. Whois: Fragile, Unparseable, Obsolete

    posted on Sat Sep 24 15:14:28 UTC 2022 by ementally | view on HN

    The WHOIS protocol is a simple protocol that is considered obsolete, but is still one of the corner stones of internet operations.

  16. Volvo is using Rust for its in-vehicle software

    posted on Sat Sep 24 08:34:00 UTC 2022 by georgehill | view on HN

    Julius Gustavsson is a Technical Expert and System Architect at Volvo Cars Corporation who was interviewed about his experience with Rust.

  17. 3dfx Voodoo 5 6000 recreated via reverse engineering (2021)

    posted on Sat Sep 24 06:25:37 UTC 2022 by userbinator | view on HN

    A modder and enthusiast called Anthony recently revealed that he had built his own Voodoo 5 6000 graphics card by purchasing a number of VSA-100 chips, SDRAM modules, and applying a sizable pinch of electrical engineering know-how, which he then reverse engineered an original 3dfx sample (without any harm done to this sample).

  18. Fitbit users will have to sign into Google from 2023

    posted on Sat Sep 24 15:02:42 UTC 2022 by LinuxBender | view on HN

  19. Airships Rise Again (2021)

    posted on Thu Sep 22 02:17:03 UTC 2022 by DoreenMichele | view on HN

    Tom Grundy, the CEO of Hybrid Air Vehicles, is promoting its striking, pillow-like AirLander 10, which was initially designed for military surveillance, as a pleasant, low-emission alternative means of regional air travel.

  20. IBM AIX for IA64 (Itanium) a.k.a. Project Monterey Runs Again

    posted on Sat Sep 24 10:15:51 UTC 2022 by merlinscholz | view on HN

    The article is about a failed attempt to unify the fragmented Unix market in to a single cross vendor Unix that would run on Intel Itanium.

  21. Silphion: a miracle plant thought to be eaten into extinction 2k years ago

    posted on Fri Sep 23 23:25:35 UTC 2022 by p4bl0 | view on HN

    The article is about a plant called silphion that was prized by the ancient Greeks and Romans for its medicinal properties, and how a professor at Istanbul University has re-discovered the last holdouts of the plant more than a thousand years after it disappeared from history books.

  22. Mozilla reaffirms that Firefox will continue to support current content blockers

    posted on Sat Sep 24 08:48:16 UTC 2022 by bj-rn | view on HN

    This sentence summarizes the article: The article discusses how, despite a looming deadline, content blockers for the Firefox web browser will continue to be supported by the Manifest v2 API.

  23. Plastic Eating Mushrooms (2021)

    posted on Thu Sep 22 02:05:17 UTC 2022 by DoreenMichele | view on HN

    Many species of fungi are capable of plastic bioremediation, including the common, edible Oyster mushroom, which opens up doors for its use as an at-home recycling system.

  24. Ask HN: How to Master Verbal Communication?

    posted on Sat Sep 24 12:29:01 UTC 2022 by aristofun | view on HN

  25. Storage and transaction in mvSQLite, the distributed SQLite on FoundationDB

    posted on Sat Sep 24 11:53:35 UTC 2022 by losfair | view on HN

    The mvSQLite is a distributed database built on FoundationDB that is SQLite-compatible and usesimmutability and concurrency.

  26. Ashby (YC W19) is hiring engineers in Europe

    posted on Sat Sep 24 07:02:21 UTC 2022 by abhikp | view on HN

    The article discusses the importance of joining a team that is committed to doing their best work every day.

  27. Cats and the Laws of Physics

    posted on Sat Sep 24 08:57:34 UTC 2022 by silt | view on HN

    The article discusses how a cat's ability to land on its feet has baffled physicists for years, but experts agree that cats are not defying physics.

  28. Burrows–Wheeler Transform

    posted on Wed Sep 21 16:53:10 UTC 2022 by bshanks | view on HN

    The Burrows–Wheeler transform is an algorithm used to prepare data for use with data compression techniques such as bzip2.

  29. Virtual Tables with Zig-SQLite

    posted on Thu Sep 22 12:57:17 UTC 2022 by Sphax | view on HN

    The article discusses how the author implemented read-only virtual tables in zig-sqlite, a Zig wrapper for SQLite, and how they can be used to expose almost anything as a SQL table.

  30. Using GPT-3 to pathfind in random graphs

    posted on Fri Sep 23 07:50:14 UTC 2022 by tibbar | view on HN

    In a study of 1000 random graphs, GPT-3 was able to find a valid path between two nodes, or correctly report no path exists, 60% of the time.