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  1. Show HN: OneDev – A Lightweight Gitlab Alternative

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    The article discusses the features of the OneDev code development application, which include fast and space-efficient code indexing, regular expression-based search, and integration with static analysis tools.

  2. Understanding Jane Street

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    The article discusses how Jane Street, a quantitative prop-trading firm, uses a poker chip challenge to test out applicants' probability chops and measure their risk awareness, which is important for traders.

  3. Crimes with Python's pattern matching

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    The article discusses how one can use Python's Abstract Base Classes to do weird things with pattern matching, like creating non-monotonic types or hijacking a pattern match.

  4. What’s going on with Google and Facebook hiring freezes?

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    The article discusses a survey of 1003 engineers regarding hiring freezes at Google and Facebook. The survey found that 48% of respondents were actively interviewing, and that Amazon was the most popular company among those respondents.

  5. Capy – Cross-platform library for making native GUIs in Zig

    33 points by Sparkenstein | view on HN

    Capy is a graphical user interface library for Zig that is easy to write for and versatile.

  6. A Love Letter to Geocities Sites

    49 points by martialg | view on HN

    This person never planned on making a website, but they did it anyway and they are always changing it.

  7. Xv6, a simple Unix-like teaching operating system

    42 points by memorable | view on HN

    The article discusses the development of the xv6 operating system and how it was ported to RISC-V for a new undergraduate class.

  8. Show HN: Personal productivity workspace for busy people

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  9. The Cat Gap

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    The "cat gap" is a period in the fossil record of approximately 2. 5 million to 18.5 million years ago in which there are few fossils of cats or cat-like species found in North America.

  10. Show HN: PiBox: a tiny personal server for self-hosting

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    The PiBox is a server that is designed for hackers, tinkerers, and self-hosters, and does not require the use of KubeSail software to operate.

  11. Spinning Levers – How a Transmission Works (1936) [video]

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  12. AlphaFold's Database Grows over 200x to Cover Nearly All Known Proteins

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  13. Parallel Programming for FPGAs

    24 points by bjourne | view on HN

    The article is about a book called Parallel Programming for FPGAs that is aimed at teaching hardware and software developers how to efficiently program FPGAs using high-level synthesis (HLS).

  14. Ask HN: Meal Planning App?

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  15. Launch HN: Polymath Robotics (YC S22) – General autonomy for industrial vehicles

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  16. Ask HN: Is there a tool / product that enables commenting on HTML elements?

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  17. Homebrew USB DMX Interface with Sparkfun FT232RL

    4 points by zdw | view on HN

    This wiring diagram is for connecting the Sparkfun FT232RL Breakout Board to an SN75176 RS-488 bus transceiver in order to create a USB DMX interface.

  18. The biggest new idea in computing for half a century was just scrapped

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  19. The Elusive Origin of Zero

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  20. How a cooling vest invented by a furry made it's way into the US military

    17 points by FeaturelessBug | view on HN

    The article is about Travis, a former armorer for the U.S. Army, who is better known as “Stolf,” a fantastical big cat blending the features of a snow leopard, tiger, and wolf, and who likes to dress up in a full-body fursuit.

  21. eXpOS – An Educational Operating System

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    The eXpOS educational tool is designed with three central principles in mind: separation of concerns, things shall be made as simple as possible, and "build to learn" rather than "learn to build."

  22. Open Soil Spectral Library

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    The Soil Spectroscopy project and data authors take care while collecting and compiling the data, but the data is provided “as is” without any warranties.

  23. People Spend Too Much Time on Decisions with Equally Satisfying Outcomes

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    The article discusses a study that found people spend too much time choosing between options with roughly equal utility, which is irrational.

  24. The hardest people for founders to hire are so called C-level executives

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    The article is informing the reader that they need to have JavaScript enabled in order to use

  25. Apple Silicon Subsystems

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    The article is about the different types of platform subsystems and how they are categorized.

  26. Rights Amplification in Master-Keyed Mechanical Locks (2003) [pdf]

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  27. Dolphin Intelligence: 3 Early Dolphin Experiments Funded by the U.S. Navy (2006)

    16 points by Thevet | view on HN

    Three early dolphin experiments from the sixties, funded by the U.S. Navy, showed minimal indicators of dolphin mental abilities, as a product of the times.

  28. Equivalence of Unicode strings is strange

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    The article discusses how the author initially thought that adding support for collations would be simple, but life is unfortunately much more complex.

  29. Ask HN: Who is hiring? (August 2022)

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  30. How I Regained Concentration and Focus

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    The article is about a person's struggles with concentration and how they plan to improve their productivity and creativity.