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  1. Why I built a dictionary app even with more than +300 apps available at AppStore

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    The article is about the author's journey to create the perfect dictionary app, and how he realized that it was harder than he thought.

  2. EasyRPG

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    The Easy RPG Player is a program that allows you to play RPG Maker 2000 and 2003 games on a variety of platforms, including GNU/Linux, OS X, Windows, Nintendo 3DS, Wii, mobile devices, and even in your web browser.

  3. Show HN: International Legal Dictionary

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  4. Karmem: A fast binary serialization format faster than Google Flatbuffers

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    Karmem is a fast binary serialization format that is easy to use while being as fast as possible. It is optimized to take Golang and TinyGo's maximum performance and is efficient for repeatable reads, reading different content of the same type. Karmem has proven to be ten times faster than Google Flatbuffers, with the additional overhead of bounds-checking included. Karmem is still under development, and the API is not stable. However, the serialization-format itself

  5. RISC-V based Single Board Computers are getting there

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    The MangoPi MQ Pro is a compute-focused board that outperforms the Raspberry Pi Zero W in most tests, with the exception of USB SSD and microSD card speed.

  6. Differentiable Programming from Scratch

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    Differentiable programming is a useful tool for solving many kinds of optimization problems.

  7. Gitea 1.17.0 is released – includes package registry support

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    The article discusses the release of Gitea version 1.17.0, which includes a lot of new and exciting features and plenty of breaking changes.

  8. A looming copper crunch and why recycling can’t fix it

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    The article discusses how the electrification of transportation could begin stalling as early as mid-decade due to a lack of key battery metals.

  9. Meshtastic: A Review

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    The article discusses how Meshtastic attempts to solve the problem of communication infrastructure failures and how AT&T established room 641A to funnel communication to the NSA.

  10. Lyra: Fast, in-memory, typo-tolerant, full-text search engine in TypeScript

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    ' , author : 'Jim Rohn' } ] } The article is about how to use Lyra to query a database.

  11. Public Domain Posix Make

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    The article discusses the problem with make being that it is a tool for developers and how there are many different versions of make around.

  12. Pagefind: Static Low-Bandwidth Search at Scale

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    The article discusses the two main options for search on a documentation website - frontend search and third-party platform - and argues in favor of frontend search.

  13. Put down devices, let your mind wander, study suggests

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  14. Fresnel Integral

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    The Fresnel integrals S(x) and C(x) are two transcendental functions used in optics that are closely related to the error function.

  15. New Ghostscript PDF interpreter

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    The new PDF interpreter is now enabled by default in Ghostscript 9.56.1 and is written in C, which makes it faster and more secure than its predecessor.

  16. Kubernetes Reinvented Virtual Machines (in a good sense)

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    The article discusses how, in 2010, it was common to deploy applications using virtual machines and how, depending on the scale of the business, this would define the ways provisioning, scaling, service discovery, and deployment were done.

  17. If Only Borland Had Stuck with Turbo Modula-2 for CP/M (2013)

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    The article is about the Turbo Modula-2 programming language for CP/M, which was released in 1986 and then quickly withdrawn.

  18. Raw footage inside Sears with Atari 800 and 2600 (1982) [video]

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  19. End of the Machinery Game Engine

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  20. Time for Army Corps of Engineers to investigate moving water West?

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    It is time for the Army Corps of Engineers to investigate the feasibility of moving water from the Mississippi River to the Colorado River at Lake Powell and then downstream to Lake Mead in order to solve the water problems of the Southwest.

  21. A Mormon Housewife Turned a Fake Diary into an Enormous Best-Seller

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    The article tells the story of how the book "Go Ask Alice" became a best-seller.

  22. Birds and Frogs (2009) [pdf]

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  23. Tang Nano 9K – FPGA SBC with HDMI

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    The Tang Nano 9K is a development board based on the Gowin GW1NR-9 FPGA chip that is equipped with an HDMI connector, RGB screen interface connector, SPI screen connector, 32Mbit SPI flash, and 6 LEDs.

  24. Patterns (YC S21) is hiring devs to build the Figma for data

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    The article is discussing how to use pre-built applications and components to speed up problem solving.

  25. Greg can't use encrypted apps and must open his phone for police at any time

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    The article discusses the bail conditions imposed on some Blockade Australia climate protesters, which include not being allowed to use any encrypted messaging apps, having to produce their computer and mobile phone for police inspection on demand, only being allowed to have one mobile phone, and not being allowed to associate with a list of 38 people.

  26. The many flavors of hashing

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    The article discusses a procedure for hiding small internal identifiers when exporting them as part of an API. A use-case for such a procedure would be hiding patient primary keys in an API that lists patients given some query.

  27. Converting from the Game Gear to the Master System

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    The answer to the question "How do you convert a Master System game to the NES?" is that you can't without rewriting the game from scratch because the two platforms are too different.

  28. Citroen 2cv pages

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    The person writing has collected a lot of 2pk parts over the past 45 years.

  29. Nuclear energy is clean

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    The article argues that nuclear waste is not an actual problem.

  30. Inside an IBM AS/400 eSeries Factory [video]

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